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Semiconductor Wafer Edge Exposer (WEE) Lamps


BLC America is your one stop source for high quality WEE lamps from Japan.

To remove photo-resist that is unnecessary for the developing process, "Wafer Edge Exposure" (WEE) systems irradiate UV on the edges of a photo-resist coated wafer. These systems utilize "short arc mercury lamps" that are optically aligned through the use of precision bases, to deliver the optimum dose of UV radiation. The use of Wafer Edge Exposure (WEE) lamps to create the Edge Bead Removal (EBR) on selected wafer layers provide a more consistent and sharper EBR ring. This results in more complete dies at the wafer edge.

The tolerance requirement's for exact repeatability from lamp to lamp is critical to this application. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best technical lighting products in the industry. All of our WEE lamps are manufactured in Japan at our state of the art, ISO certified factory where each lamp's alignment and output is checked and measured prior to leaving to insure that you are always getting the best.

Product Specifications

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